[Athen] Question about what other institutions are doing regarding CAD/CAM type software

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
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Hi Howard,

I like your idea of asking the vendor to make the parts accessible that can be made accessible.

Here in California, since by state law we are working under the Section 508 Standards, we work with the four exemptions. Two of those exemptions might apply here: technical infeasibility and commercially unavailable.

What the CSUs do in these situations, which I am encouraging my CCCs to do, as well, is to consider accommodation during the purchasing process. CAD programs are not accessible, so if we have a student who needs an accommodation, what will we do? Having at least a tentative strategy in place can be of great assistance if the need arises.

The CSUs have developed some useful forms and strategies for procurement. You might wish to check out their Accessible Technology Initiative website:


Good luck!


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Hello All:

I'm working with the University of Colorado on evaluating software for accessibility before moving forward on purchasing and contracts.

I'm wondering what other institutions do with the category of software that has CAD/CAM type functions. As far as I know the technology does not exist to make these types of applications screenreader accessible without taking action outside the software (e.g. printing of tactile graphics).

In terms of asking for the vendor to provide a roadmap, do you ask that the parts that can be made accessible (data entry elements) be made accessible and give the rest a pass? Hopefully, what I'm asking makes sense.




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