[Athen] AT software causing problem with IT loadsets

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To tag on to the thread: Ask your IT to contact Faronics (Deepfreeze) and enlist their help to create a “whitelist” of applications that should be allowed to run without wiping information needed by student using the software like JAWS, etc. The same can be done with Respondus Lock-Down Browser app if your institution uses that.

Also, I’ve had some luck in contacting Freedom Scientific to get help with deploying system-wide, having their ILMS work with our Active Directory.

Hope this helps… some. ☺


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A side comment for those of you running Deep-Freeze & you are A T software: for your students who are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, deep-freeze causes microphone & ambient noise testing to be eliminated at the end of each day which results in retesting microphones every single time the student logs in to use Dragon. Another difficulty with this particular software & Deep-Freeze is that Dragon is tied to specific computers, with the voice profiles are stored. To make access easier, my recommendation is to have your IT folks reconfigure the path for saving voice profiles to the server rather than to the local computer. While it might take up some space on your server, it will make access to the voice profiles easier and the students will not have to retrain every single day, even if they have their profiles on flash drives. We did this at my previous college, and the voice profiles were all like out at the end of the semester/term so that it didn't clog up space. Another suggestion is that students bring their microphones. If the microphone is the same, and the student plugs it in *before* booting up Dragon, it will proceed quicker.

Just a thought.

Happy Monday

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In answer to your question about putting AT software on the lab image, we have not experienced any problems. We have Kurzweil 3000, Jaws, and Read & Write Gold in all labs and in some labs we have also added ZoomText and Dragon (because of the limited number of licenses we have).

The only performance issue we have run across is the login time. The more software, of any kind, you have the longer the login time will be. We use a product called DeepFreeze which does not save any of the users settings or information for that session once the computer is rebooted. So each time the user logs in it is like logging in for the first time and the profile has to be rebuilt.

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It used to be a real problem, in particular when one piece of AT would fight with another. I have done recent testing for several years and this is no longer the case. I do a regular training in which we load up the four major screen readers at the same time and other than getting quad TTS no BSDs.

Ron Stewart

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Hello All:

Does anyone know of a reason to avoid putting AT software (JAWS for example) into IT loadsets (computer lab software configurations) so that this software can be distributed across campus computers? Our IT contact feels it might cause the systems to be unstable. I know this can sometimes happen. How have you addressed this on your campuses?


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