[Athen] Do you use: Accommodate, Clockworks, Sam??

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Piping in from Oregon: the database from Oregon*was* in fact started by Ron! Thanks for remembering that, Josh. It is known as AIM (Accessible Information Management), and currently operated by Haris Gunadi. We used it extensively at SOU for everything from the repository for student documentation & counselor notes, uploading class notes for downloading, managing books, alt text processing, student accommodations/accommodation letters, and a host of other things. I am unaware of whether or not it has timecard associated with it. We had a different system for hourly employees of the University (which was NOT accessible!).

AIM is completely customizable by modules, and we found Rob & Haris to be very responsive not only in bug repellent, but in putting together customized modules for us/any of their clients.

My two cents for a wet Friday.



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I’m currently using Clockworks, trashed Accommodate after 2 years of attempted implementation, and never tried Sam.

I can get you another contact who is currently using Symplicity (Accommodate) who will say to avoid it like the plague. A director at a well-known university too. Too many bugs for our taste.

Clockworks will require that you have a tech to assist with setting up the connection between banner and the database, and you’ll need to create a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection if you want to run Clockwork on Mac/iOS/Android. Yes, I can run CW through a RDP on my iPad. We use DUO security as 2 form authentication. They aren’t very fast at fixing bugs.

There was another database vendor up in Oregon who I’m forgetting right now. Is Ron Stewart here? Wasn’t that his database?


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Happy Friday to all Athenians!

If your office uses one of the student databases listed above, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me off list. I have a couple of questions - I promise it will be quick! But I do need contact ASAP.

THANKS in advance!


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