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I like Susan’s idea. However, one of my VI students really likes visual representations which makes it difficult. We have gone low tech with her and many of her professors are following suit and doing the same. We enlarge some of her diagrams and maps onto poster paper and use a black marker to clarify the lines. She is quite happy to work with them. She brings her rolls of poster paper to class and when others are looking at smaller maps she opens hers up and spreads it out and is able to keep up with class discussions. She seems to be making friends over the activities since others sometimes look on with her.

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Hi Kitara.

Most of the time, graphs can be described by their data. Graphs are just one way to show data. Giving her the raw data that makes up the graph will be the way to go. It can be done as straight text, or as a simple table. That is all a graph really is.

When working with visually impaired students, we need to move away from trying to represent all visual material in some sort of visual way. Most of the time, that is not going to be effective. As a sighted person, I still prefer the data, rather than the charts and graphs, because the details are right there in black and white for me.

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