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Nazely Kurkjian kurkjian at binghamton.edu
Thu May 19 11:14:54 PDT 2016

Happy Friday!

Does anyone know how to make a sankey diagram
accessible? One of our biggest challenges is that this is not static data.
What is the best practice for making data visualizations accessible? Can
they be made accessible? This diagram is publicly available on our website
and we want to make sure visitors to the website have equitable access to
the information. If they cannot be made fully accessible, is an alternate
format of the information sufficient? We have brainstormed other ways to
make this interactive data accessible in alternate format:

- Excel workbook - translate all the content onto a list of tables
- Audio clips - like assistive tech adopted by museums to provide
visitors information about an exhibit
- Sorting - List each link in descending order

Thank you,


*Nazely Kurkjian*
*"Shame on us... If we let the wonders of educational technology and
broadband internet lead to more inequality as opposed to less"*

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