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Tue May 31 17:30:25 PDT 2016

Let's try running JAWS 13 on student's machine and see what happens.
Since student has JAWS 14, he/she can run JAWS 13. so try that first.



On 5/31/16, Varnado, Jason <varnado at gonzaga.edu> wrote:

> Good afternoon,

> Any thoughts on this situation would be much appreciated:

> JAWS is working fine with Collaborate on a computer in my office: 64bit JAWS

> 13, 64bit Java, Java bridge set, 64 bit windows 7

> JAWS is not working with Collaborate on student's computer: 32bit JAWS 14,

> 32bit Java, Java bridge set, 32 bit windows 7


> Other than the difference in JAWS versions and the bit values, we have

> everything else set up the same (including, as far as I can see, all of

> JAWS's settings). On the 64bit machine JAWS verbalizes everything as the

> student navigates around Collaborate, on the 32bit machine JAWS states only

> the key pressed while navigating ("tab, tab, tab, f6, f6, f6") and none of

> the text or other elements.


> Thanks!



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