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Hunziker, Dawn A - (hunziker) hunziker at email.arizona.edu
Thu Nov 10 12:01:26 PST 2016

Hi all,

I am working with an employee to access items on her screen. While she doesn't have vision loss we've found that using the magnifier on certain programs helps focus on the content and ensure data is entered correctly.

Her set up includes Windows 10 and Dual monitors. I've tried both ZoomText and MAGic but neither one allows you to "dock" the magnification window with the dual monitor setup - it seems to lock in on that dual monitor feature. In trying to use the built-in Windows magnifier, it acts the way we want by docking on only one screen, at the top of the monitor. However the font becomes blurry if we try to decrease magnification below the standard 200%. We've checked and unchecked ClearType Font to see if that made a difference and it didn't.

Do you have any suggestions for tools or a fix for the blurry font in the Magnifier window, a software option or configuration of ZoomText or MAGic?



Dawn Hunziker
IT Accessibility Consultant

Disability Resource Center
hunziker at email.arizona.edu<mailto:hunziker at email.arizona.edu>

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