[Athen] Magnification Software Suggestions

Leyna Bencomo lbencomo at uccs.edu
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Since both companies Freedom Scientific and AiSquared have both gone under the umbrella of VFO, I’m wondering if Magic and Zoomtext are going to be merged as well. Anyone heard?


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Hi Lori,

I’ve heard several times that Zoomtext has been giving people problems. I use it myself and it tends to go through waves of everything is fine and then problems start.

I’ve been told Magic by Freedom Scientific is very similar and is as of now having fewer problems. It may be something to check into.

Here is the link to the product page


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Good morning everyone and happy Friday!

We have a staff member who has been a ZoomText user for a number of years but is now experiencing a number of issues after moving from Win 7 (32 bit) to Win 7 (64 bit). After the move to 7/64, his ZoomText was upgrade from 10 to 11 and the issues started. The department’s current OS standard is 7 but is scheduled to be upgraded to Windows 10 next year. This user can be moved sooner if a solution can be found.

Here is an explanation from his tech support person:
We've had nothing but problems with ZoomText 10 and 11. It often freezes or the mouse cursor goes haywire when a couple of our library-specific applications are used and the reader sometimes just stops working and ZoomText has to be closed and restarted to get it working again. Also since upgrading to Office 2016 the user does not like the color schemes in Outlook and how they appear in ZoomText. ZoomText tech support hasn't really been able to come up with any solutions.

Any suggestions to help in solving the ZoomText problem or suggestions for a more stable software package for this OS environment?

Thank you in advance for any guidance,


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