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There have been no announcements yet, to the best
of my knowledge. I think they are still
digesting the large meal they have eaten over the past year.


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>Since both companies Freedom Scientific and

>AiSquared have both gone under the umbrella of

>VFO, I’m wondering if Magic and Zoomtext are

>going to be merged as well. Anyone heard?




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>Hi Lori,


>I’ve heard several times that Zoomtext has

>been giving people problems. I use it myself and

>it tends to go through waves of everything is fine and then problems start.


>I’ve been told Magic by Freedom Scientific is

>very similar and is as of now having fewer

>problems. It may be something to check into.


>Here is the link to the product page






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>Good morning everyone and happy Friday!


>We have a staff member who has been a ZoomText

>user for a number of years but is now

>experiencing a number of issues after moving

>from Win 7 (32 bit) to Win 7 (64 bit). After the

>move to 7/64, his ZoomText was upgrade from 10

>to 11 and the issues started. The department’s

>current OS standard is 7 but is scheduled to be

>upgraded to Windows 10 next year. This user can

>be moved sooner if a solution can be found.


>Here is an explanation from his tech support person:

>We've had nothing but problems with ZoomText 10

>and 11. It often freezes or the mouse cursor

>goes haywire when a couple of our

>library-specific applications are used and the

>reader sometimes just stops working and ZoomText

>has to be closed and restarted to get it working

>again. Also since upgrading to Office 2016 the

>user does not like the color schemes in Outlook

>and how they appear in ZoomText. ZoomText tech

>support hasn't really been able to come up with any solutions.


>Any suggestions to help in solving the ZoomText

>problem or suggestions for a more stable

>software package for this OS environment?


>Thank you in advance for any guidance,





>Lori Kressin

>Coordinator of Academic Accessibility

>Office of the Executive VP and Provost • Univ. of Virgginia

>102 Cresap Rd • POB 400199 • Charlottesville, VA • 22903

>[434] 982-5784


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