[Athen] who uses Handbrake to merge SRTs and videos?

Joseph Polizzotto jpolizzotto at htctu.net
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Is it possible that Handbrake is trimming the video length so that the video
length is no longer in sync with timestamps in the SRT file? I am wondering
if the last chapter in the video was not included in your HandBrake project.
Can you confirm that the video length of your (edited) video is the same
length as the video the vendor is using to create the SRT file?

If that's not the problem, I am wondering if you can have success by
adjusting the SRT offset parameter in HandBrake (in milliseconds) before
processing the video. Perhaps there is a consistent discrepancy between the
end time of the last utterance and the end time of the last time stamp in
the SRT file. That difference could serve as the basis for the SRT offset
value you choose.

If you can share any files, I would be glad to look further into the issue.
Please contact me off-list.



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My team is running into an odd issue where the SRT file we receive from our
vendor is slightly longer than the video, resulting in the last timestamp
being "cut off" or not being included in the video produced by Handbrake.

The vendor proposed that we use VLC Media Player to add the subtitle track.
We verified that using the SRT and video in VLC Media Player did create a
quality captioned video.

We updated Handbrake, and are still observing that the last timestamp in the
SRT is "cut off" or not being included.



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