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I tried it with a student a few years ago, and it worked OK. Sometimes I found that it would not track as well as desired, but I guess that is what you get from a free product and also from the built-in webcam I was using. In addition to using a good webcam (at least 1080p), you might try looking into a third-party keyboard, like Dynamic Keyboard <http://www.canassist.ca/EN/main/programs/free-downloads/dynamic-keyboard.html?sredir=1> , for I remember that we had to run Camera Mouse as an administrator to access Microsoft’s on on-screen keyboard.

FWIW, there is no Mac version. If the student can use a trackpad at all, MacOS’ native Dwell Control lets you use the trackpad in place of a mouse. For older Macs that don’t have Dwell Control, check out <http://www.pilotmoon.com/dwellclick/> Dwell Click.

For a full head tracking device, I would recommend either Head Mouse Nano <http://www.orin.com/access/headmouse/> or Tracker Pro <https://www.ablenetinc.com/trackerpro> . Both have driver support for the MacOS also:



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Hi list,

My first posting to the list! Our office is working with a student who experiences significant mobility challenges. She mentioned being able to utilize head-tracking in order to minimize extreme pain and discomfort when using her computer. Does anyone know about Camera Mouse which is supposed to be a free program that moves the mouse pointer by moving one’s head? Or if anyone has any other more efficient suggestions it is much appreciated in advance.




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