[Athen] Survey form builders & fillers which are accessible?

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I'm offering a tag comment to the thread about the survey form builders
which specifically applies to CAPTCHA. Dragon NaturallySpeaking users cannot
dictate into the captcha screen as dictated text is not recognized as a
series of keystrokes. If you want to prevent robo fills in your online
forms, I suggest choosing "I am not a robot" checkboxes. These can be made
accessible for both JAWS & dictation software users.

Just a note for Monday. ;-)


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(Disclaimer: this email was dictated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Please
forgive any quirks, mis-recognitions, or omissions.)

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We did research on form builders back in 2013. We did not find any that had
fully accessible builder interfaces. For the ones that were mostly
accessible, the drag-and-drop features were the problem areas. We dropped
quite a few from consideration because they didn't create accessible forms,
either. (Many others were rejected for not meeting our business
requirements, such as federated management.)

We ended up selecting Formstack, with the following known problems:

. Form CAPTCHA: The CAPTCHA feature they offered did not have an
accessible alternative. We instruct form authors to NOT use it. An
accessibility warning appears if they try to enable it.

. Supporting Text: Forms allow the display of supporting text in
addition to input titles. There was a coding error that caused the
supporting text to not be read by screen readers. We instruct users to NOT
use supporting text. We reported this bug to the vendor.

. Conditional Logic: This feature allows the display of certain
fields based on the value of other fields. This feature did not pass
accessibility testing. We notified the vendor of the issue and instruct
users to NOT use this feature.

Note that this was 4 years ago and they may have addressed some or all of


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Fellow Atheners,

Could anyone recommend/suggest form builders & fillers, which meets

We are familiar with Survey Monkey, which I believe is accessible (unless I
am wrong), but are there any other alternatives?

CBC colleague asking for help is looking into FormStack
c&s=Zs4VfM_P7MWyIh8XZ1rdpJFQU2BxUKLaIjiARCqrLJs&e=> , which I am beginning
to do some research on. We also need to make sure our data collections are
secure, of course.

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