[Athen] text reader that works with D2L quizzes with LockDown Browser

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Hello Vanessa,

We talk to faculty about creating a copy of the exam for a student (or group of students) using assistive technology. The new copy of the exam does not have Respondus Browser included in the requirements. The faculty should not rely on having the student use another online proctoring service since this isn’t equitable based on other students exam experience. We have had students test at DRC in order to eliminate Respondus but that is a very rare occurrence.

We also talk about use of Respondus with the faculty – if you are having students use this on a “take-home” or online exam that isn’t proctored, what is to stop them from using a tablet, phone, or another computer to search for answers? My understanding from others at UA is that the intent of Respondus browser is for those online exams which take place or are proctored during the exam time (i.e. a face-to-face class with online exams).

I hope this is helpful!

Dawn Hunziker
IT Accessibility Consultant

Disability Resource Center
University of Arizona
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Subject: [Athen] text reader that works with D2L quizzes with LockDown Browser

A student needs online tests to be read aloud, preferably reading the information that is clicked/pointed at with a mouse. The tests are within Desire2Learn’s Brightspace LMS using LockDown Browser.

We have been trying JAWS and NVDA with mixed success. It will read the answer choices, but not consistently read the quiz question.

Does anyone have experience with reading software that works with D2L quizzes and LockDown Browser?


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