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Well, can't say that I have successfully created a fully accessible PDF from
Publisher, but the most recent version (2016) makes a better PDF than
before. Not great, but at least barebones readable by most A.T. The
resulting PDF will still need some tweaking in Acrobat Pro before being

The Tag and Order reading orders are a bit wonky because there's no way to
control them in Publisher (other than a bring to front / send to back
utility), so you really have to watch the stacking order of the page's
elements and control the sequence in how you build each page.

Publisher's default styles for List Bullets use old ASCII symbols on the
Symbol font rather than an accessible Unicode bullet from an OpenType font.
But you can easily redefine the bullet styles to something that's compliant.

And graphics get a non-compliant Inline Shape tag rather than the Figure
tag, but that can be quickly role mapped in Acrobat.

But you should have gotten Alt-Text on the graphics. Publisher has the same
user interface for that as in Word:

1. Select the graphic.

2. Right-click and select Format Picture from the context menu.

3. Select the Alt-Text tab in the dialogue box.

4. Write the Alt-Text in the large field box.

I think "Description" is from an older version of Publisher. Check your
version of Publisher. If it's pre-2016, upgrade. Otherwise you'll be wasting
your time.

--Bevi Chagnon

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Has anyone successfully able to use MS Publisher to create and tagged for

I ALT tagged the images with description then exported as PDF (I know it is
not the recommended choice, so please bear with me) -- the screen readers is
not reading back any of image description.

Am I missing something?

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