[Athen] Is Windows 10 driving anyone else crazy?

Howard Kramer hkramer at ahead.org
Mon Dec 4 10:02:01 PST 2017

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I also wonder if it's a
combination of the age of my HP laptop or just Windows 10. Settings are
continuously overwritten every time there's an update which can take up to
a half-hour. Mouse driver for my touchpad works like crap with the newest
driver version. I roll it back to a previous version which works better and
then the Windows update reverses this at the next update and I have to
start all over again.

Edge is repeatedly set as the default PDF viewing. I've tried editing the
registry so this doesn't happen but with no luck. I have never been so
frustrated with Windows and never considered changing to a different O/S
until now. I feel like my productively (i.e. time) is undermined by about
5%. Ok, that's my rant for Monday.


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