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Sharing out the agenda for the upcoming ATHEN meeting next week (Wednesday 12/13 at 9am). In addition you will find details on the Commenting features in WXP that we would like feedback on.

If you have additional items that you would like to discuss, send them prior to the meeting to add them to the agenda.

Talk to you all next week!
Anita Mortaloni

Agenda for 12/13 ATHEN-Microsoft Meeting

* Feedback requests
* Comments feature in WXP across mobile, Win32, Mac & web. Details below - @Kathleen Cachel<mailto:kacachel at microsoft.com>
* Updates
* Windows feedback (pending confirmation)
* Bug updates
* Review of feedback Mac Word scenarios - @Cathy Harley<mailto:cathyh at microsoft.com> (this will be discussed after 9:30am)
* Open Discussion

Commenting Features in WXP Scenarios for feedback
Contact: Kathleen Cachel, email: kacachel at microsoft.com<mailto:kacachel at microsoft.com>

The comment experience is currently being updated for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across all the platforms (web, Win32, Mac, and mobile). Comments will all include the ability to reply and be edited. Comments will have a tree structure such that all comment threads are collapsed and then expanded. All comment threads will be in a list. A comment thread is composed of the parent comment and its replies. Each comment visually displays the author, timestamp, & comment body text. Each comment is a different tree item control inside the thread tree.
We are hoping to get some feedback around the accessible names, control types, relationships, and focus order of this experience.
Questions about commenting threads:
Comments will be collapsed by default and can be expanded. Collapsed comments contain a preview of the parent comment, a preview of the most recent reply and a "view X more replies" button.

* What information is a valuable to you when focus is on the entire collapsed comment thread?
Expanded comments contain the parent comment and the replies.

* What information is valuable to you when the focus is placed on an entire expanded comment thread?

Questions about comments (parents or replies):
Focus can also be placed on a single comment: a parent comment or any of its replies.

* What information is valuable to you when the focus is placed on the parent comment in a thread?
* What information is valuable to you when the focus is placed on a reply comment in a thread?

Navigating through comment threads
In collapsed cards:
The up and down arrows go from one comment thread in the list to another comment thread. The right arrow expands the current comment thread and puts focus on the parent.
In an expanded card:
The up and down arrows go between the parent and replies within the thread. Right arrow goes through all the replies and when it is invoked after the last reply it collapses the current card and expands the next card putting focus on the parent. When the card is expanded a left arrow action collapses the current card and puts focus on the collapsed thread.
This follows tree structure paradigms, does this feel like the right paradigm to you?
Questions about the focus order in collapsed comment thread:
A collapsed comment thread contains a snippet preview of the parent comment, a "view X more replies" button, a snippet preview of the latest reply, a "..." (more actions) menu which contains an option to delete the thread, and a reply box so the thread can be directly replied to.
Our current focus order (using tab) is:

1. Comment thread
2. "View X more replies" button
3. The ... (more actions) menu (which contains delete and resolve thread)
* Related, any suggestions on the accessible name for this menu?
4. The reply box
Does this feel relevant and make sense to you? Is there anything we can improve on?
Questions about the focus order in an expanded comment thread :
An expanded comment thread contains the parent comment, and all the replies. On the parent item is a "..." (more actions) menu which contains a delete thread and resolve thread option. At the bottom of the card is a reply box.
When the card is expanded, focus is automatically put on the parent comment. A user can up/down arrow to the reply comments in the thread. Tabbing away from a parent or reply comment retains selection so shift tab will put focus back on the reply or parent comment that was selected.
Our current focus order (using tab) is:

1. The parent comment or a reply comment (whatever is selected in the thread)
2. The "..." (more actions) menu which contains delete and resolve thread
3. The "Edit" button for the parent or reply comment
4. The "delete" button if selection is on a reply comment
Does this feel right to you?
Do you have enough context for which comment will be edited or deleted when you would invoke the button?
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