[Athen] Is Windows 10 driving anyone else crazy? (Howard Kramer)

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In previous versions of Win 10, I was able to remove (uninstall) Edge completely from our computers.

Now, that has been disabled and I’m stuck with Edge even though I don’t use it.

Still believe this is an anit-trust issue that should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission (the OS can’t force us to use its browser). It’s also an ADA issue that should be reported to DOJ’s ADA office because Edge is not fully accessible.

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I found that Windows 10 appears to have a setting to pause updates for "up to 35 days" by clicking

Start button >>Settings icon>>Update & Security>>Update Settings>>Advanced Options>>Pause Updates

The most recent update fail I watched was a person using a screenreader doing a presentation which was promptly halted by him saying "What happened to my screenreader?" while the audience saw the projected presentation change to the "Please wait....installing updates." screen.

Haven't tried the pause option yet. Have seen some of the updates take hours. Start them running, go to lunch and come back to see it still hasn't completed. That just doesn't work for most users.

Over the years it seems like every other operating system is a failure:







10-um, needs improvement

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I noticed if you do a registry edit and then you update the computer, it resets your reg edit. The best thing you can do, which you may not to be able to on a work comp, is to disable the updates. A quick google search on "how to disable windows 10 updates" should yield results.

Also it helps to unpin everything from the start menu by right clicking on the item you want to remove.

You can also remove the Cortana task bar by right clicking on it and changing it to hidden.

You can remove the Action Center notifications as well by going to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions and clicking "Turn System Icons On or Off".

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Subject: [Athen] Is Windows 10 driving anyone else crazy?

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I also wonder if it's a combination of the age of my HP laptop or just Windows 10. Settings are continuously overwritten every time there's an update which can take up to a half-hour. Mouse driver for my touchpad works like crap with the newest driver version. I roll it back to a previous version which works better and then the Windows update reverses this at the next update and I have to start all over again.

Edge is repeatedly set as the default PDF viewing. I've tried editing the registry so this doesn't happen but with no luck. I have never been so frustrated with Windows and never considered changing to a different O/S until now. I feel like my productively (i.e. time) is undermined by about 5%. Ok, that's my rant for Monday.


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