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That’ll work!

Unfortunately, there are many instances in WCAG and PDF/UA that lack adequate tags for the type of material we create.

Those who create the standards are mostly programmers (mostly, not all) who don’t usually think about how to handle title pages, titles with subtitles, kicker headings, deck heads, department headings, and other common parts of our documents. We end up cramming square WCAG/PDF-UA tags into round document holes.

I counsel my clients to do what makes sense to you for that particular document. As long as there is an H1 tag that designates the title, it’s somewhere close to the start of the reading order, and it is followed by a logical heading hierarchy for other titles, the user should be able to figure things out.

And don’t forget to KISS: keep it simple, sweetie. Don’t obsess too much about this and don’t make it overly complicated for you or your audience. Sometimes a <P> tag does the job just fine.

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Personally (and what I recommend to others) is to use H1 for the title of a document, and only use the TITLE style if there’s a separate title page. I then repeat the title as an H1 after the title page. I haven’t seen a spec for how to use Word’s TITLE, so I just made something up that seemed to make sense.


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