[Athen] Student who is blind taking music courses- does not know braille

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I think most of this is pretty dooable. Garage
Band is accessible with VoiceOver. Another
accessible multi-track recording software for the Mac is Amadeus Pro.

There is a mailing list called MusicTalk,
to subscribe where questions can be
answered. Sources of textbooks include Learning Ally and Bookshare.org

Goodfeel in philadelphia has a variety of accessible software too.


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>Hello all-

>The following question is from Pam LaBella at

>Northern Essex Community College:


>I am looking for suggestions in regards to the

>best way to accommodate a student. It is an area

>I have never had to delve into until now.


>I am working with a student for the spring 17

>semester who is taking 4 music courses. The

>student is blind, uses JAWS, but does not read Braille.

>He has a musical background and plays in a band

>so he has some good skills and knowledge when it comes to music.


>I am not familiar with most of what the syllabi

>are referring to for software/ equipment to be use.


>For his Music Technology: Composition course he

>needs to create compositions using

>GarageBand (I did find a Garageband app

>available for $4.99 but I am not sure how it works with voice over)

>Finale, Syllabus, Muse Score or other music notation software

>A composition created in the style of 80s Synth Pop

>A composition created using any digital audio

>workstation format or software the student prefers


>For his Audio Recording II course the students

>are required to assist the instructor in

>developing, designing and installing a mobile

>multitrack audio recording studio to run on a MAC computer.

>Must use Digidesign 002 audio/digital interface

>with the recording software ProTools

>Align the convertor with an A.R.T. four channel

>analog pre amplifier as well as the Focusrite AD/DA pre amp

>Incorporate the Mackie digital mixer and controller


>For Jazz/Rock Ensemble I course

>Each meeting will include melodic and rhythmic

>exercise, sight reading and performance of rehearsed pieces.


>For his Applied Music: Guitar course

>Some of the course requires him to read, analyze

>and perform chord comping, melody and improvise jazz standards


>The format for the textbooks are also going to

>be a challenge. I am wondering if anyone out

>there has converted any of these textbooks into

>a format for students who are blind to use.

>Other than Braille. What does one do for a book

>that is basically music compositions. How does

>one convert and what is a good format for musical notes, scales, chords etc.?


>The textbooks being used are;

>‘Classical Studies for Electric Guitar’ by William Leavitt

>‘The Real Book’ by Hal Leonard

>‘Modern Method for Guitar Vol 1’ by William Leavitt

>‘The Guitarist’s Music Theory Book’ by Vogl

>‘Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study’ by Dariusz Terefenko

>‘Music Theory for Computer Musicians’ by Michael Hewitt

>‘Inside the Music’ by Dave Stewart


>I appreciate any help/suggestions


>Thank you



>Pam LaBella

>Assistive Technology/Alternative Text Specialist

>The Learning Accommodations Center

>Northern Essex Community College

>Behrakis One-Stop Student Services Center SC105

>100 Elliot Street, Haverhill, MA 01830

>Tel# 978-556-3705




>Susan J Martin M.Ed – Director


>The Learning Accommodations Center

>Northern Essex Community College

>Behrakis One- Stop Student Services Center SC111B

>100 Elliot Street, Haverhill, MA 01830

>Tel# 978-556-3647

>Email: <mailto:smartin at necc.mass.edu>smartin at necc.mass.edu

>Strategic Maximizer Arranger Individualization Relator


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