[Athen] The <header> element VS Banner region landmark

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Fri Jan 20 11:37:13 PST 2017

Hi web / HTML5 gurus on the list,

What is the best way / coding to ensure that the <header> element is not
mapped to banner region landmark when used in the body of the page?

According to http://html5doctor.com/the-header-element/

When the <header> element is used within the <section> element then it is
not mapped to the banner region landmark as seen and read by screen readers.

Does this truly work? When I test, doing as recommended in the above URL,
it only works partially, in that the banner region landmark does not appear
when using screen reader landmark keys, (e.g., 'r' and 'd' for jaws and nvda
respectively). However when reading through the page using up / down arrow
keys the banner region landmark gets picked up by screen readers.

First, is my observation correct? And is there another way to do it better
so that the <header> element is only mapped / perceived as banner when used
in the header area of the page only and not anywhere else on the page?

Your help is most helpful.



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