[Athen] Equidox - document remediation

Corrine Schoeb kschoeb1 at swarthmore.edu
Mon Jan 23 11:17:07 PST 2017

Anyone using Equidox for document remediation?

I'd be interested to know more about your experience with the tool. Here
are few things I'm curious about:

- do students have any issues with the remediated results in tools like
Read Write & Gold, Kurzwell, JAWS, etc.
- were their any issues with the resulting documents in your Learning
Management Sofware (LMS). We are a Moodle shop at the moment and
particularly curious about issues there, but interested in the interaction
with other LMS's as well
- how did you deploy the tool - e.g. limited number of staff members
and/ or faculty members?
- how easy/hard was it to learn to use?
- how did it handle tables?
- any issues with page numbering or images? How about styling?
- how did it handle the conversion of non-OCR'd PDF's?
- If I'm understanding the tool correctly its only output format is
html. Were there any issues with this and if so, could you tell me more?
- how about cost? reasonable or expensive for what it delivers?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.


Corrine Schoeb
Technology Accessibility Coordinator, ITS

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