[Athen] All published regs that aren't effective yet have been delayed for 60 days

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The Access Board published the new regs in the Federal Register on January
18th, but they become effective on March 20.

Hard to know where to draw the line on this one; since they were published
on January 18th, are they covered by this executive review? And since Sec.
508 has existed for nearly 20 years, these are merely updates, not new regs.
Sitting here in Washington DC, I haven't heard anything one way or the other
about the Sec. 508 regs, that is are they on hold or not.

We're counseling our clients to act as if the new revision won't be
affected, either now or 60 days from now or 90 days from now (March 20).
Remember, the law was originally written specifically so that government
employees could do their job effectively. It's hard to imagine that el
Cheeto Head would want federal employees to work less, but then again it's
been hard to imagine the events that just took place here in Washington.

Plus the 508 Refresh puts the regs into effect 90 days from now on March 20
(not 60 per the executive order). Is it in or out?

And I don't believe any President can control agencies that are not under
the Executive Branch. I was told long ago that the Access Board is an
independent agency so it might not be affected by this Presidential memo
which was directed only to Executive branch agencies and offices, not the
entire US Federal government.

Bottom line: not sure at this time.

Maybe the Access Board will have more to say about this during their
webinars next week. It's free. Sign up her:

--Bevi Chagnon

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I thought those of you who need to be aware of Section 508 would want to see
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Effects Section 508: All published regs that aren't effective yet have been
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