[Athen] Adding captions to YouTube videos you don't own

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There's a couple ways you could do it. You can use CaptionTube to caption a video and then provide a link to watch the caption through CaptionTube. Another way is to use one of the many YouTube downloader sites to download the YouTube video and then you could post it with the caption through your LMS for the course. It would be nice if google would allow people to do captioning with other peoples YouTube videos.
Good luck

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> Hello wise list-ers!


> A professor of ours is showing a YouTube video they don’t own and that doesn’t have accurate captioning. We are currently working on a transcript but I definitely want to see if there is any way we can add captions to the video since that is way better than a print-out transcript. I reached out to the video’s poster to ask that they enable community captioning, but haven’t heard back yet. 3PlayMedia can give me access to a Caption Plugin that lets me do exactly this, but that costs however much they charge for a Pro account with them and being a private university we are looking to go as cheap as humanly possible.


> Any ideas/leads?


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