[Athen] Quieter Braille Embosser for a Public Space

John Gardner john.gardner at viewplus.com
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Hi, Gaeir is right. The Tiger embossers are intrinsically quieter than “standard” embossers because the paper is held tightly to the Tiger roller – so it doesn’t vibrate like a big speaker. Even so, if you put this into a library, patrons will appreciate it if you also have a simple sound enclosure.

I should point out that the new 100 cps interpoint ViewPlus Columbia does not use Tiger technology but is designed to be not much noisier than the Tiger embossers. If your embosser is primarily for braille it is the best (and by far the most affordable at that speed) choice. Of course it also embosses excellent tactile graphics – it is a ViewPlus product after all.

John (Full disclosure – I am president of ViewPlus)

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The small Tiger embossers from ViewPlus are about the quietest I’ve heard.
Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
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Our department is looking into the possibility of obtaining an embosser for one of the main lab spaces in our library. We want to ensure that folks are able to emboss materials autonomously (rather than requesting materials through our office). Most of the braillers I've encountered, however, are pretty loud. Is anyone aware of smaller embossers that might be a bit quieter?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!



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