[Athen] can libraries get electronic copies of physical books from publishers for swd?

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Mon Mar 13 14:19:00 PDT 2017

As the representative for the college, the library could request a book for
the student with a disability, but it is doubtful that most libraries would
have the resources needed to convert the file into the format needed by the
student. Also, there would not generally be a reason for the library to know
the identity of students with disabilities.

Publishers are used to working with disability services offices, and there
might be some concerns that a library would put the electronic copy into
general circulation-which they would not be entitled to do, unless the
publisher gave specific permission.


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Subject: [Athen] can libraries get electronic copies of physical books from
publishers for swd?

Thank you, Wink!

Now I'm wondering why the disability office has to request the pdf instead
of the library. Could anyone help me understand if there is a legal reason
for that?

Thanks again!


Subject: Re: [Athen] can libraries get electronic copies of physical

books from publishers for swd?

If the library has a hard copy, the SWD can check it out. Then DSS orders
the PDF from the publishers. They have fulfilled the "in possession of"

clause of the copyright. Does this help?

Wink Harner

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> This question came up from a librarian on another listserv and I

> wanted to see if anyone here could answer-


> "Publishers sometimes provide a PDF to a student, provided they've

> bought a physical copy. Do any of you know if this usually applies to

> libraries as well? If we buy a physical copy, can we then request a

> PDF for a student with a documented disability?"


> Does anyone know of libraries that did this, or tried?


> What are the names of (or numbers of or links to) laws or regulations

> that require publishers to provide electronic versions to students?


> Thanks!


> Adina


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