[Athen] JAWS 14 vs. JAWS 18

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Hello Megan,
Jaws 14 is several years old, and in the realm of screen readers that really matters a lot. Windows has gone through several major updates, and so has Microsoft Office. Web standards, and screen reader support for those standards are also ever evolving. If for whatever reason, your student is unable to receive an upgrade to the latest version of Jaws, please advise her to switch to the current version of NVDA. NVDA is free, and today, will be far more functional than Jaws 14 with modern versions of Windows and apps.
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Good afternoon,

I have a student who is currently using JAWS version 14. I have limited knowledge in this area – does anyone know how it differs from JAWS version 18? She’s having a couple of issues and I’m wondering if it is because of the older version or if it’s our learning management platform.

Thank you for your feedback.

Megan Kissel
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Cleveland University-Kansas City
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