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Subject: [braille-n-teach] Windows 10 Users: Important Freedom Scientific (VFO) Software Updates posted for JAWS, MAGic, and ZoomText

This is a little verbose, but stick with me for a few minutes…If you are using Windows 10, here’s some important information :)

Freedom Scientific and VFO recently posted updates for the following software releases:




MAGic 14

MAGic 13.1

ZoomText 11

When you go to the “About” box in the JAWS or MAGic Help Menus, you will see the “build” number of the version that you are running. In order to work properly with the April Windows 10 update, it should say one of the following:

JAWS 18.0.2530

JAWS 17.0.2729

JAWS 16.0.4474

MAGic 14.0.110

MAGic 13.1.1217

ZoomText 11.2

If you do not have admin rights on your computers that are running JAWS and MAGic, you probably won’t get the Windows updates, so the issue won’t be apparent right away. However, when the Windows updates *do* install, for example if your IT folks install updates over the summer break, you may see the issues described below if your JAWS, MAGic, and ZoomText are not also up to date.

If you have Windows 10…now might be a good time for your students to use their ECC cookie-baking skills to butter up your IT guy (or gal) and see if they wouldn’t mind joining you for a few minutes (or maybe a little longer) to update your JAWS, MAGic, ZoomText, and Windows.

There may be negative results if you do not update your JAWS, MAGic, or ZoomText software before updating to the Windows 10 April update. If you do not update your VFO software prior to the Microsoft update, especially JAWS users who rely on speech or Braille, you will either need to use Narrator, another screen reader or have sighted assistance to update your VFO software.

These updates were released because FS identified with Microsoft, an issue that impacts our users coming up in the next Windows 10 OS update (scheduled to occur by April 2017 timeframe). It is important that customers who are using Windows 10 and getting all its updates, upgrade our software prior to that major update of Win 10. Please note that if you are using JAWS 18, and are up to date with the February Update, the issue was already addressed. If you still use 17 on that computer, the 17 would still need to be updated even though 18 already was previously. Failing to update, could result with issues on the login screens and reading the start menu with Windows 10. Anyone using Win 7 or 8, can still get the update, but it should only be necessary if they plan to update their OS to 10 in the future, on that machine.

Customers of these products who get auto updates, will be notified through our auto process the next time they restart effective last week for JAWS and MAGic users, and yesterday for ZoomText users. Those customers and products without auto updates, will need to download the full build from our public facing download pages and just install over top. No need to remove the earlier builds.

Note, I have provided all the direct links below.

While we are sorry about any inconvenience this causes our customers, we are pleased and thankful to our developers, testers, and especially the beta testers who use the Windows Insider Builds and help to catch these issues early enough in the process. As a result, they were able to make the changes allowing us to post the solution, before the customers have to run into the problem. In the coming week or two, we will look to get this information via FS Cast and through the various list serves to spread the word on the importance of getting all updates as they become available.

If you have questions, please contact your vendor or Freedom Scientific.

English (ENU) JAWS 17 Full Version Downloads

<ftp://ftp.freedomscientific.com/users/hj/private/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x64.exe> ftp://ftp.freedomscientific.com/users/hj/private/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x64.exe

<http://files.freedomscientific.com/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x64.exe> http://files.freedomscientific.com/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x64.exe

<ftp://ftp.freedomscientific.com/users/hj/private/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x86.exe> ftp://ftp.freedomscientific.com/users/hj/private/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x86.exe

<http://files.freedomscientific.com/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x86.exe> http://files.freedomscientific.com/WebFiles/JAWS/172729PRC798/J17.0.2729enu-x86.exe




MAGic 13.1.1217 ENU



ZoomText 11

To get the 11.2 update, go to the ZoomText 11 toolbar, choose ZoomText (menu) > Manage License > Check for Updates. This will launch the update wizard and walk you through the installation. If you prefer, you can also download the full ZoomText 11.2 installer from the product updates page: <http://aisquared.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=46e107c7813eb905dfd2a6938&id=a531e69a1a&e=78a546e334> https://www.zoomtext.com/help/product-updates/

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Sweetman Systems

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