[Athen] If you had one accessibility question for a course evaluation what would it be?

Bourne, Sarah (MASSIT) sarah.bourne at mass.gov
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I would avoid using a negative in the question ("no difficulties") as it makes it harder to score.

I agree that you may get things having to do with, for instance, wifi problems that won't help as much if you use the Guelph wording. Perhaps something more like:
"I was able to use online course materials and activities for this class with my preferred computer settings and software."

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For a new end-of-course evaluation survey, I have the opportunity to craft a single Likert-type question to access accessibility from a student's perspective.

What would be a good statement to help us identify whether accessibility problems might exist?

Perhaps something like this, from University of Guelph? (http://cer.jhu.edu/files/uid-implementation-guide-v6.pdf )

Statement: I had no difficulties accessing course materials or participating in any essential activities related to this class.
Answers: Strongly agree to Strongly disagree

I'm concerned that the word "accessing" may have too many different interpretations for students versus faculty versus accessibility personnel.

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