[Athen] Inaccessible Online Chemistry Lab

aswans15 aswans15 at msudenver.edu
Tue May 2 14:01:10 PDT 2017

Hello All,

This is a summary of the question I posed "What are other institutions doing with inaccessible online Chemistry labs?"

Some wanted to know which Chemistry course this was for: it is Principles of Chemistry. It is similar to general or introductory chemistry. The lab is online and is offered by MacMillan publisher's Late Nite Labs.

Zac Mason shared this link in regards to in-class labs. This video was actually produced by a faculty member and student from our institution MSU Denver.

There is no one or direct answer to this question but I wanted to get a feel for how others approach these publisher products.

It is clear this will always be a collaborative effort on part of the institution, the department, faculty, students, the access center and the publishers we choose.

Andy Swanson

Andrew S.J. Swanson
Accessibility Technology Specialist
Access Center
Plaza 122
Metropolitan State University of Denver
aswans15 at msudenver.edu

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