[Athen] Engineering and Computer Science Resources for visually impaired

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Hi Corrine,
While everything in that document is still useful, the newer version of that work is now at the Diagram Center, expanded and enhanced with more examples from humanities fields.



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Subject: [Athen] Engineering and Computer Science Resources for visually impaired

A new student who has a visual impairment (my very preliminary understanding is visual tracking issues) will be joining our student body next semester. This student is interested in engineering and computer science.

Are there particular tools or techniques I should become familiar with? Are they any particularly good resources you've found for visually impaired students studying engineering and computer science? Is MathML a better tool than LaTex? Are there especially good sites or guidelines for faculty to use when creating assignments?

On a different note - I ran across this and wonder if it is still pertinent as it was last update in 2008: http://ncam.wgbh.org/experience_learn/educational_media/stemdx


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