[Athen] ‘Glacial Progress’ on Digital Accessibility

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Hi David,

In case it helps, Ally is a tool that integrates with multiple Learning Management Systems. Because of that, this data study contains data that goes beyond just the Bb Learn LMS and should therefore be a fairer representation of the state of things.

It might also be worth noting that the data study only evaluated the instructor-generated course content and did not look at the accessibility of the LMS itself.

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>> In case you've not seen this from Inside Higher Ed. It seems to be based on research via Blackboard/Ally.


> Yes, based on 700,000 courses reviewed in Blackboard.


> It is unfortunate that this was presented as a sweeping evaluation of the state of things. Would one ask Microsoft to provide a summary of smartphone trends? It seems that limiting scope to one provider and one system is hardly the way to evaluate progress.


> That said, it is positive that the issue is even raised. There are some good comments after the article. One caught my eye, by user ‘Red Orville’: "Try navigating a course in Bb Learn with a screen reader. When the LMS itself is hardly "accessible," it makes it hard for campuses to create truly accessible courses.”


> It seems Blackboard as a platform for evaluation really was an interesting choice.


> David


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