[Athen] Blackboard Ally and captioning

Jiatyan Chen jiatyan at stanford.edu
Mon May 22 09:15:17 PDT 2017

> On 2017 May 22, at 08:43, Pamela Riesmeyer <pjries at gmail.com> wrote:


> I'm sorry, is that the current understanding, that course content that is not public doesn't need to be accessible?

> Would someone be able to please point me to the documentation? I am going to get questions about this, and will need something to show. My understanding was that if it was online, no matter where, content needed to meet the compliance standards for accessibility.

Hi Pam,

There's no documentation because it is an *interpretation* of the law, and it's still being argued in the courts.

The safest position is to caption everything, which might be cost prohibitive for the amount and speed of material Higher Ed is producing and sourcing. And while we are at it, also provide video description for all the material. ;)

The more practical approach is to make a risk assessment based on intended audience, legal responsibility, and rapid-response capacity, and balance those criteria against production cost and capabilities, and the institution's teaching, research and social responsibilities. This is where you are hearing different lines/policy being drawn per institution.

This webinar is a year old, but AFAIK, there hasn't been any landmark case to make it obsolete. The Q&A was the most valuable, IMO.

Jiatyan Chen

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