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Makes no sense to me either. We’re working on creating policies and procedures and someone from our general counsel’s office showed me the document. I believe it was generated by the feds, but I’m not sure which unit. What is really ironic is that you have to use your (our) university credentials to get into canvas. Does that make none of it public?
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I'm sorry, is that the current understanding, that course content that is not public doesn't need to be accessible?
Would someone be able to please point me to the documentation? I am going to get questions about this, and will need something to show. My understanding was that if it was online, no matter where, content needed to meet the compliance standards for accessibility.

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On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 10:32 AM, Joseph Sherman <Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu<mailto:Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu>> wrote:
Looking for thoughts: Given the current understanding that course content that is not public doesn’t need to be accessible until an accommodation is requested, how are folks justifying large outlays of cash for things like universal captioning and Blackboard Ally? It’s got to be cheaper to rush caption and fix for accommodations than slow caption and fix everything when we have thousands of courses.

Ideally, I’d want and love for all content to be captioned and completely accessible from the start. But I can’t propose spending money we don’t have without a really good reason.


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