[Athen] Blackboard Ally and captioning

Jiatyan Chen jiatyan at stanford.edu
Mon May 22 09:37:30 PDT 2017

On 2017 May 22, at 08:32, Joseph Sherman <Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu> wrote:


> how are folks justifying large outlays of cash for things like universal captioning and Blackboard Ally?


Depending on your institution's culture, you might make a case for Blackboard Ally
1. continuous improvement - provides statistics to show changes and help adjust effort/policy,
2. educating authors - has basic tutorials and scoring to teach and motivate authors.
3. ease of mind - a decent on-demand converter to fill some gaps we can't cover manually.
4. the price is based on FTE, which is more controllable than rampant content production.

I can't think of good reasons to justify universal captioning. :p Might want to ring-fence "universal" with some controllable criteria.

Jiatyan Chen

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