[Athen] Accessible Anti Virus Software

Timothy Breitenfeldt timothyjb310 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 18:26:36 PDT 2017

Hi, I am looking for an accessible, up to date, good anti virus
software. I have used Avast for years, but it seems with every recent
update, Avast has become less accessible. Recently, Avast became
completely unusable, so I am on the hunt for a new accessible anti
virus software for my computer. I am trying to contact Avast to let
them know this issue, but I am having no luck.

Even if the anti virus provides an accessible means of interacting
with the anti virus software completely through the command line, that
would be dueable.

I have been doing some testing, and found all of these not usable.
Some might be some what accessible, but not usable with a screen
I am focusing my search to free anti virus software, if I find one
that is accessible, and needs a registration, I will pay for it, but I
don't want to pay for something that I can not use.
free AVG not usable
bitdefender not usable
Avast not usable
Nortin (I have not tried it recently, but I don't recall Nortin ever
being accesible)

I have been shocked at the number of inaccessible anti virus software
I have found. Luckily most anti virus software performs automatic
scans, and requires little attention, but there are times when you
need to interact with it, and screen reader users should be able to
maintain there own computers.

I am majoring in computer science and considering specializing in
cyborg security, so I would really like to find a tool that will work.

I know that Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty accessible, but
all the research I have done, has shown that MSE does not provide
great protection.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


TJ Breitenfeldt

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