[Athen] Accessible Anti Virus Software

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed May 24 20:00:42 PDT 2017

If you have Windows 10, try Windows Defender. It is supposed to be
much improved.


At 08:26 PM 5/24/2017, you wrote:

>Hi, I am looking for an accessible, up to date, good anti virus

>software. I have used Avast for years, but it seems with every recent

>update, Avast has become less accessible. Recently, Avast became

>completely unusable, so I am on the hunt for a new accessible anti

>virus software for my computer. I am trying to contact Avast to let

>them know this issue, but I am having no luck.


>Even if the anti virus provides an accessible means of interacting

>with the anti virus software completely through the command line, that

>would be dueable.


>I have been doing some testing, and found all of these not usable.

>Some might be some what accessible, but not usable with a screen


>I am focusing my search to free anti virus software, if I find one

>that is accessible, and needs a registration, I will pay for it, but I

>don't want to pay for something that I can not use.

>free AVG not usable

>bitdefender not usable

>Avast not usable

>Nortin (I have not tried it recently, but I don't recall Nortin ever

>being accesible)


>I have been shocked at the number of inaccessible anti virus software

>I have found. Luckily most anti virus software performs automatic

>scans, and requires little attention, but there are times when you

>need to interact with it, and screen reader users should be able to

>maintain there own computers.


>I am majoring in computer science and considering specializing in

>cyborg security, so I would really like to find a tool that will work.


>I know that Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty accessible, but

>all the research I have done, has shown that MSE does not provide

>great protection.


>Does anyone have any suggestions?




>TJ Breitenfeldt

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