[Athen] Multiple Nuance-Dragon licenses on one computer

Lawrence C. Cusick Lawrence.C.Cusick at dartmouth.edu
Fri Oct 13 06:52:56 PDT 2017

Hi all,
Does anyone know whether or not it is it possible to install multiple Nuance-Dragon licenses on the same computer?
We have a student with a recent arm injury who is a language major and happens to be taking a French and Spanish course this term, and needs to use speech recognition to keep up on his coursework.
Since the student has a MacBook, it's not clear to me on the Nuance site if both French and Spanish are available for Mac users. The student will also need the English version, so we're needing to get him access to speech recognition software for all three languages.
One thought is to have the student use either BootCamp or Parallels for the software in one of the other languages, but if that does work, then we still have an issue with the third language.
I've submitted this query to Nuance Support, but I've not always received prompt responses from them in the past, so I thought I'd check with the folks on the ATHEN listserv as well.
Any advice/guidance is much appreciated!

Lawrence Cusick
Adaptive Technology Specialist
Student Accessibility Services
Dartmouth College

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