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I've heard that Pearson has ramped up its staff for alternative book

That's great news for us. Hopefully, they'll get up to speed quickly and
shorten the lag time.

If they're using Adobe InDesign for the print versions of their textbooks,
it's just a matter of minutes to export out a basic accessible PDF from the
same file that is used for the printed textbook, and an accessible EPUB is
about an hour more to convert the file.

However, that does require that the designers learn how to make one central
layout that can be exported to these accessible formats quickly. It's not
the ordinary InDesign training, that's for sure! And not the ordinary
graphic designer, either <grin>

FYI, I'm hoping to offer my 1-day crash workshop in accessible InDesign
layouts at AHG in November (the proposal is in). I'm presenting it at other
conferences around the country throughout the year.


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I'm getting similar responses now, but they sure do take a looooooong time.
One book took 7 weeks to finally get the format I requested. We really don't
have seven weeks to wait.

Susan Kelmer

Alternate Format Production Program Manager

Disability Services

University of Colorado Boulder


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Finally, Pearson seems to be listening. I received the following email from
them yesterday:

Dear Bryon Kluesner,

Thank you for contacting Pearson Support.

Your case number is 04293533.

Success for all learners, including those with disabilities, is a priority
for Pearson. Our accessible digital textbooks are designed as an
accessibility solution that can address many needs.

We also understand that this solution does not currently encompass all
potential access needs of learners with print disabilities, and your
feedback and expertise in this area is always welcome.

I received a book I initially request and was approved as their VitalSource
option. I replied back and said that was not the format I requested, that my
student already uses a type of technology (Kurzweil) as their accommodation
for alt texts. I also replied to a request from Doug Hacker, the new
Pearson's accessibility product manager with my concerns, and finally
received the text I request, albeit in 3 separate email attachments. I think
if we keep pushing back, they will continue to listen to the "experts in
this area."

Just wanted to share.


Bryon Kluesner, RhD

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Disability Resource Center

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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
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