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After a couple of conversations via Access Text Network message to publisher portal, Christine admitted that Kurzweil actually does have some problems with EPUB files. She is going to set me up with a printer-ready PDF.

We'll see if this will occur again with Macmillan. Hopefully with enough of us going back and forth with the publishers, they will distribute the format we request and not the one they want to give us.


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I have also run into this problem with Macmillan, though I have actually had success in getting PDFs from Christine (though it took a little while and some follow up on my part). My argument/concern was that we have a Read&Write site license on our campus that a majority of students use for text-to-speech, and as of now, Read&Write does not read EPUBs.

That worked (though I had to forward the email from TextHelp support proving what I said was true), and she sent the PDFs to me (through Dropbox I think). So it is possible, the PDFs do still exist, there are just some extra hoops to jump through. ;)

Good luck, and happy Friday all!


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On Apr 20, 2018, at 11:44 AM, Andrea L. Dietrich <adietrich at cornell.edu<mailto:adietrich at cornell.edu>> wrote:

I've encountered the same thing with some files. The lack of page numbers is the biggest problem, in my opinion. It's not too hard to convert an epub to a PDF, if that's what the student needs -- many would probably be fine using the epub directly, and there are actually some things I personally PREFER about epubs, but not having page numbers that correspond to the original text is a big deal breaker, IMO.

Does anyone know if there's a way to easily add page numbers to an epub file?

BTW, for conversion, I use Calibre. I think I've seen others mention it on here, so you probably already know about it, but it's a great program for converting ebooks between unusual file formats.

-Andi :)

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Yesterday, I received EPUB3 files from Macmillan instead of PDF files. The problem with the EPUB3 files, is each individual page of a chapter is a separate xhtml file and there are no page numbers. When I sent a request through Access Text for the PDF version of the file, I received the following response:

We are no longer producing accessible PDFs of textbooks because we have transitioned to EPUB3 format, which is more accessible by nature and also reduces the risk of piracy.


My reply:

Hi Christine, while the EPUB3 may more accessible by nature, there are no page numbers and the individual files are more difficult to navigate for students rather than individual chapter PDF files. I think you need to reconsider not producing accessible PDF files. I expect other Disability Services providers will most likely have the same opinion as I do.

While I understand the reasoning behind Pearson and Macmillan wanting to use EPUB files, the format they are providing is making it more work for me, and there are no page numbers!

Just my Friday rant.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Bryon Kluesner, RhD
Adaptive Technology Coordinator
Disability Resource Center
Adjunct Professor
College of Health, Education & Professional Studies

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
103 Frist Hall
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