[Athen] Sticky Keys in Windows 10

Schwarte, David M. schwarte at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 22 11:36:49 PDT 2018

Hello Everyone,

Our campus labs have moved to Windows 10 over the summer. In general this has not been a bad experience assistive technology wise; however, I have just confirmed that we are having an odd problem. We have a user who needs to use sticky keys to press Ctrl + Alt + Del for logging in. Pressing the Shift key quickly makes the expected sound for turning on Sticky Keys, but they do not seem to be on. Other Ease of Access apps, mainly Narrator, seem to work fine at the initial login screen. Does anyone know if there was a change in the way Sticky Keys works in the login screen for Windows 10? I know the Narrator launching key sequence changed. I did confirm that the 5 shift key quickly still launches Sticky Keys on the lab computers once the user is logged in.

David Schwarte

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