[Athen] Complex tables (splitting and merging cells)

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Accessibility at Penn State | Tables<http://accessibility.psu.edu/tables/>
A table can be classified as a data table whenever you need to specify a row or column with header information about that row/column. If no informational header is needed, then it is a formatting table.

Complex Tables (Merged/Split Cells)<https://www.ssa.gov/accessibility/checklists/word2007/complexTables.htm#collapsible=rationale>
Ensure data cells are associated with the correct header cells. How to test Check for merged or split cells. If used, convert to an accessible format. To check for merged or split cells in data tables: To look for the presence of merged or split cells, visually inspect the document. If Merged or ...

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Hi All,

We are training faculty!!! How do we make a table accessible with merged or spli cells? THANKS! K-LEIGH

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