[Athen] Live Scribe smart pen issues

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We also do similar. We loan the book and pen and at the end of the quarter, if they want their notes, we extract them to a PDF and send them to the student through Canvas. We never let them use Echo desktop. There can be too may issues and we do not want to have to troubleshoot for them. It is a simple and effective process.

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I gave up on getting Echo desktop for students on my loaned smart pens. Too many issues. It's been awhile since I have tried. Currently, I lend out pens every semester. Students use them to take notes and record. They use the paper notebook and the pen to listen. We don't use the upload to the computer for anything. At the end of the semester, if they request it, I will copy the pen to an audio pdf for them and give it to them. I erase the pens every semester and we move on.

If a student buys their own personal pen, that is a different story but for loaners, the accommodation is to help with notetaking. They get that benefit using the notebook and pen without Echo desktop. The virtual notebooks are nice but most of my students buy the $8.25 3-subject physical notebook and find that sufficient.


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Hmm I've had similar issues in the past I've had some luck with reinstalling echo desktop. I've also had to back up a pen and then reset / update the firmware.

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Hi all,

I am having difficulties with live scribe not letting a student update her pen. She gets an error message that her existing account is not valid. She just registered the pen yesterday and the Echo desktop is giving her problems. I was able to archive and share her nots from my Echo desktop, but her Echo desktop will not recognize the pen.

Any suggestions or advise?

As always, thanks!


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