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Alienware laptops are manufactured by Dell and have ultra-fast, powerful iCore processors, graphics processors, and sound processors. And gobs of RAM.

(Secretly, I covet Alienware. But I don’t game! I want the laptops for design and digital media. They are awesome machines for designers.)

I also don’t anticipate any problems with Dragon Naturally, but depending upon the student’s model, there is an outside chance of incompatibility with the sound card drivers. If the student has a new model, it could be outfitted with bleeding edge processors which are temperamental and finicky.

If there is a problem, try updating the laptop’s sound card drivers. Also make sure to install the latest version of Dragon.

And Dell, which is the largest seller of hardware to the Federal government, is very aware of accessibility issues so you could probably get in touch with their tech support department and get help, too.

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No, but I can't imagine there would be any particular issue. My understanding is they are just very powerful Windows laptops. Is there a particular concern you had?

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HI all,

I have an upcoming meeting with a student who uses an Alienware laptop (I’ve been told it is a gaming computer). Has anyone had any experience with downloading Dragon on such a laptop?



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