[Athen] Solutions to help student with visual impairment access content on smart board / white board

Todd Schwanke todd.schwanke at wisc.edu
Thu Jan 4 12:36:38 PST 2018

Hi Justin:

I use webinar software with a number of students who can't see the projection at the front of the room, but who like to see things in real time and who can see the information (with or without magnification) if it is up close on their laptop. We are currently using Adobe Connect as the webinar software because it has provided the best functionality for this purpose, including quality of the streaming (including when videos are played) and the concern you mention regarding blending in. It isn't inexpensive though. It's ends up being another version of mirroring, but using the student's laptop (including magnification software they have installed) instead of an additional monitor.

If you'd like to get more details on the setup, feel free to send some availability for next week offline and I'm happy to chat with you by phone or video.

Thanks and hope that everyone is managing the cold temps, snow, and prep for the spring semester well,

Todd Schwanke

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We're working with a biochemistry student with a visual impairment who is having difficulty seeing content written on a smart board or white board at the front of the classroom.

I'm familiar with several options like a monocular, secondary external display to "mirror" content, portable CCTV connected to student's laptop, etc etc. This student will be moving between several classrooms and will likely need a solution that works across a variety of locations / settings.

I'm curious if anyone else has solved a similar problem - and what solutions you've found helpful. This student mentions portability as a concern and also seems hesitant to use anything that draws attention to their visual impairment (which is an entirely different conversation.)

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer!

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