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Focus Issues When performing an Alt+Tab with NVDA: I've seen this since the
start of Windows 10. It does not happen all the time and it occurs more
often on my work computer. I use the NVDA screen reader. There are times
when I alt+tab between applications and release alt+tab, to focus the
application, I hear nothing. Upon performing a ctrl+t to read the title, I
hear "Explorer." Sometimes if I wait, the window appears but I usually
just alt+tab through until I reach the window again. The expected behavior
is that, upon performing alt+tab, I will hear each application as I hold
alt and press tab. I will release both upon reaching the desired
application, and the chosen application should gain focus and interaction
should work as normal as in past versions of Windows. Insert+T should read
the title of the application.

Focus Issue When Deleting Files: When I press delete on a file in File
Explorer, NVDA says "Progress" and nothing occurs. I know the file is
deleted. I press 8 on the numpad to read the current object, and I hear
"Progress." Again, the only way to focus the listview of files is to
alt+tab away then back. The expected behavior would be for the file to be
deleted and for my focus to be dropped back into the list view on the next
file in the list. NOTE: I do not have the delete confirmation enabled.
This works at home but the problem is reproduceable most times on my work
computer. The home computer runs stable NVDA 2017.4, Windows 10 1709. At
work, I'm running latest master branch of NVDA and Windows 10 1703. This
has been an issue for a while though.

Focus issue in the Windows Settings app: When activating an item in the
list of setting categories in Settings, focus is thrown into the search
box. For example:
1. Open Settings with Windows+I.
2. Focus is placed in the search box. Tab once to the Settings list.
3. Find an item and press enter on it, such as Devices.
4. Devices is activated but then focus is placed in the search box. I
think focus should stay in the settings list.

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 10:26 AM, Hadi Rangin <hadir at uw.edu> wrote:

> Forwarding in behalf of my student Alex:




> Hi all,


> In our upcoming accessibility call with Microsoft next Wednesday, a few

> folks from the Windows team will be joining us to gather feedback. We were

> hoping to use this meeting as an opportunity to bring to light and discuss

> issues with Windows 10.



> We want to collect from everyone additional usability/accessibility issues

> regarding Windows 10. If there are any issues you have experienced, please

> let us know by replying to this email in the following format:


> [Title of issue] - [Description of issue] + [Proposed solution if

> applicable]


> Below is a collection of feedback we have already logged from our

> colleagues in the past few months. If you have feedback about the Windows

> 10 operating system that you don't see below, please let us know by

> replying!




> - *Wifi flyout menu difficult to use with screen reader* - Due to

> confusing focus management and inadequate audio feedback, it can be

> difficult connecting to some wifi networks while using JAWS. This is

> more-so the case with wifi networks that display a warning message (e.g.

> "Continue connecting? If you expect to find eduroam in this location....").

> Video demo of issue: Link to Dropbox Video

> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/6xafvs3tanb8ieo/windows_10_wifi_connect_issue.mp4?dl=0>

> -Hadi and Team

> - *Windows settings overwritten after update *- "Settings are

> continuously overwritten every time there's an update which can take up to

> a half-hour. Mouse driver for my touchpad works like crap with the newest

> driver version. I roll it back to a previous version which works better and

> then the Windows update reverses this at the next update and I have to

> start all over again." -H

> - *Windows Update unexpected behavior * - Several of our colleagues

> had feedback regarding the update experience



> - "I can no longer schedule updates at my convenience even with

> workarounds, and I will walk away from my laptop for a few hours and come

> back and find it either updating, or it just finished an update and

> rebooted. This despite telling it not to do updates except in the middle of

> the night. I spend twenty minutes trying to get everything back open again

> and of course it didn’t save anything it should have saved, so I’ve got all

> these random documents that now need to be saved, but can’t be saved over

> their original file name, but need a NEW file name. " - S

> - "I especially love it when Windows 10 decides to update my

> computer when I’m teaching a class or, even better, conducting a 30-minute

> conference presentation…and the update just starts in the middle of my

> slide deck.


> Does this in spite of my settings for updates only at night when

> the system is idle.


> I wonder if “update at night” gets mis-translated to the foreign

> Microsoft engineers whose “night” is our working daytime . Whose “night”

> are we talking about? "

> - "EVERY TIME Windows 10 updates, it messes everything up. I found

> a hack online somewhere so I could get it stop automatically installing the

> updates.


> Now when the dialog pops up because there's an update, I dismiss

> it, It still opens the update window but I can just close it now instead of

> waiting for the update to complete. It's annoying but it beats Windows

> updating whenever it wants to.


> I'm actually afraid to do anymore Windows 10 updates. I keep

> dismissing them because installing them means I end up having to google all

> sorts of things to get everything back to the way it was. Sometimes I can't

> get it back to the way it was because they remove useful features that give

> users choices outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. I never know what to

> expect from an update and it has cost time and productivity every single

> time I've allowed an update to happen." - A



> - *Personalized settings for screen savers work inconsistently* -

> "they work randomly and seldom" -S

> - *Windows start menu suggestions have regressed* - "The start menu is

> a freaking joke, it puts whatever it wants there instead of what I am

> actually using all the time. The only way for me to open programs now is to

> windows-button then type in the program I’m looking for. I used to be able

> to click the most used ones or at least select them with windows key and my

> up or down arrow keys, but no more." -S

> - *Edge is repeatedly set as the default PDF viewing - *"I've tried

> editing the registry so this doesn't happen but with no luck. I have never

> been so frustrated with Windows and never considered changing to a

> different O/S until now. I feel like my productively (i.e. time) is

> undermined by about 5%." -H


> Looking forwards to hearing from you all.


> Best,


> Alex




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