[Athen] Developing and reading Accessible UML and ER diagrams

Timothy Breitenfeldt timothyjb310 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 10:44:58 PST 2018

Hi, I am a visually impaired computer science student, and I am taking
a relational database class this quarter as well as a design patterns
class. In both classes, I will need to be able to create and read
diagrams used for modeling.

In my design patterns class, I will be learning UML, used for modeling
object oriented programming. My relational database class will require
me to learn ER diagrams, for modeling databases.

>From what I understand, UML and ER diagrams are similar, so hopefully

I can find a solution that will work for both.

I am searching for a solution for how I can make these diagrams
accessible. Someone
suggested to me Microsoft Visio, but I have never used it, and I am
not certain if it can do everything I need it to and be accessible. I
did a google search on UML for blind individuals, and found a lot of
papers that have been written about the subject. There was some
software that has been created from what I can tell, but I am having a
problem locating download links for the software.

I need to be able to read diagrams that my teachers create, as well as
be able to create them myself.

I found this in my searching, but from what I can tell, it only allows
for reading UML diagrams. I have not tested it yet, but will soon.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can handle these diagrams in
my classes?


TJ Breitenfeldt

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