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Thu Jan 11 07:59:02 PST 2018

Well said!
Heidi's system follows what traditional publishers have done for
decades. Easy for everyone to figure out, easy to maintain.

Thanks, Heidi!

—Bevi Chagnon

Quoting Heidi Scher <hascherdss at gmail.com>:

> We have used the following naming standards for at least 9 years and

> students always seem to like it. It also helps in keeping everything

> standardized. It makes working on files as well as using them much easier -

> especially if you have multiple people working on a book at the same time..


> Front matter is labeled as 00, followed by a sectioning number (if there

> are multiple front matter sections) and FM

> Front matter sections are also identified with a brief desc such as TOC for

> Table of Contents.

> After the front matter, chapters are named with the number first.

> End matter is numbered whatever number follows the last chapter along with

> the designation EM.

> End matter sections are also identified with a brief description such as

> App A for appendix A, glossary, index, etc.


> 00_01_FM_TOC_Book Name_Edition

> 01_ch_Book Name_Edition...

> 14_ch_Book Name_Edition

> 15_EM_Index_Book Name_edition


> Heidi

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