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Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 16 06:47:33 PST 2018

After seeing all the Friday afternoon (and weekend, and Monday?) traffic on this topic this morning, I am so glad I am not crazy! Others have the same concerns as I do about the ePUB vs. PDF argument. ePub might get there some day, but right now, it is not the preferred format for my students.

And I am really going to be angry any time a publisher tells me what format my students need. Period. It is not for them to say. They don't know our students. While I might have a few that are willing to move to ePub and learn a new software to use it, many others are fine with the tools they already have and know. And when a publisher like Pearson says, "oh, well the book is available on Vital Source, so have your student purchase it there," that is inappropriate. The student has already purchased a hard copy of their text, maybe from Amazon, maybe through our bookstore. Maybe they can return it (if from the bookstore and they haven't unwrapped the plastic yet), but usually, they can't. So instead of Pearson just sending me what I asked for, they insist that the student MUST USE THE PORTAL THEY ARE PROVIDING.


That is not how we do it in this business.

Just send me what I ask for (PDF). How hard is that?

Also, let us not forget that Pearson's online/portal "Mastering" tools ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE. So, I'm not really counting them as an "expert" in the field of what works for students and what doesn't, y'know?

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Production Program Manager
Disability Services
University of Colorado Boulder

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