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Maria Bohn mbohn at bergen.edu
Mon Jun 18 05:33:47 PDT 2018

Thanks Dave I tried that and the labeler broke and they wont accept a return because I threw the box it came in out since it came packaged badly (

Maria Bohn
Senior Resource Accommodations Specialist
Assistive Technology
Office of Specialized Services
Bergen Community College

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Swell paper never produces very good Braille. You
could get a dymo Braille labeler and make labels you stick on?


At 01:15 PM 6/13/2018, you wrote:
>Good afternoon! I am creating some tactile
>graphics for a student and want to create labels
>so she knows what she is looking at ­ I am using
>the Braille Swell font ­ t“ the student said she
>is able to read it but at first said its too
>“loose” and then asked if I could make it
>more tactile which I am assuming might mean more
>raised… ddoes anyone have any ideas for how I
>can make this easier to read and still use the PIAF machine ?
>Thanks in advance
>Maria Bohn
>Senior Resource Accommodations Specialist
>Assistive Technology
>Office of Specialized Services
>Bergen Community College

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