[Athen] MathType v7 experiences?

Paul Linh Nguyen Paul.Linh.Nguyen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 13:14:05 PDT 2018

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the crosspost if you get this multiple times.

I was reaching out to see if anyone uses MathType and has upgraded to the
new MathType v7.

We are still using MathType v6.9d and noticed that due to the version jump,
we'd have to buy into the new one if we want to upgrade. (Furthermore looks
like they too have jumped on the subscription model bandwagon after getting
acquired by Wiris)

We're looking to doing some of our own testing soon but wanted to see if
anyone is already doing it. If so, I have a few questions:

- How have you found MathType v7 over the previous version?
- Does it still cooperate nicely with text-to-speech such as JAWS or
- Exporting to MathML? Converting through Duxbury?
- Any additional insights?

Thank you very much!

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